Friday, December 26, 2008

Twas the Day After Christmas

I have been inspired to begin blogging today--officially blogging, as opposed to those silly Myspace blogs that no one really reads anyway. They're more like journal entries that have been broadcast to all my internet friends who care to stumble upon my page. THIS blog, however, will be more grown-up in nature (this is mostly accomplished through the fact that you will not need to subscribe to the stalker-ish Myspace in order to read it). I cannot give you any guesses as to white I might write about, but in general, I tend to write about the things that amuse me in my daily life. I also spend time writing about the things that inspire me--to be a better wife to my husband, a more obedient follower of Christ, and a more compassionate member of the human race. But even with that introduction, the contents of this blog are entirely based upon my daily activities and run-ins with interesting people, so expect a strange conglomeration of stories and entries.

It is, as my title suggests, the day after Christmas, and for the first time in 6 years, I am not required to be at work today! Hooray! I am still praising the good Lord for His mercy in releasing me from my embarrassingly long career with Starbucks Coffee and allowing me to find gainful employment with the great state of California! Anyhow, I digress. It is December 26th and I am not required to be back at work until January 2nd! I live in a dream world! I have been spending my morning, putzing around the house like a professional putzer, cleaning up here and there, and catching up on the cleaning of what has become a shameful pile of dirty dishes in the sink. I'm trying to take advantage of the time I have in my house, by myself, to put everything back where it belongs so that I can think clearly once again. As the month of December marched along, the more clutter our living room hosted--wrapping paper and ribbons, spools of tape and gift bags took over the dining room table, and piles of gifts were spread across the living room in order of where they would end up geographically (the Tucson, AZ pile for my parents, the L.A. pile for the majority of my family, and the San Luis Obispo pile for Terry's family). You have to take into account that every flat surface in the living room, dining room, and kitchen has been overtaken by Christmas decorations and cards. Our condo, which had previously felt roomy, has been transformed into Santa's workshop--without the help of his elves!!

As soon as Terry returns from his half day at work, he and I will drive up to San Luis Obispo to spend the week with his family. This will be Christmas #2 for us this year, and it will be loads of fun watching our nieces and nephews open their gifts. And there will be more (my stomach hurts just thinking about it) food to be eaten, cooked by Terry's dad who has the talent of throwing together the most magnificent feasts. My running shoes will be accompanying me on this trip so that I can burn off the prime rib and the shitake mushroom stuffing in time to eat all the New Year's goodies that will make their appearance after the weekend's over.
I wish all of my friends the most glorious Christmas season, and a happy, safe, and blessed new year.

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  1. I admire your willingness to take your running shoes along with you to the Feast of Plenty. Good for you! Thank you for giving me another way to keep in touch besides Facebook. Come to wisit us soon. Lub ya.