Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kitchen Cleanliness

Who doesn't love a clean kitchen? After this evening's vigorous scouring, there's not a dish in the sink, the floors have been swept and the counters scrubbed. *Sigh* I can rest a bit easier now that it's done. I feel like I should take a picture to preserve this lovely vision.

I've spent very little time at home over the past 2 months. 4 out of 5 weekends are spent transporting box upon box to San Luis Obispo. Our weeknights have been comprised of packing as much stuff as we can into our rapidly diminishing box supply. To make matters worse, my husband is back on the graveyard shift so I'm trying to do all this in addition to all of my household chores. The goal is to complete all of this as quietly as possible. What I've learned is that household chores cannot be accomplished quietly. But rather than making good use of my time to cook and clean quickly and efficiently, it's become extraordinarily easy to procrastinate and allow slothfulness to reign supreme. Laziness has become my companion in the kitchen especially. I have not cooked a meal for TWO WEEKS!! Ouch--that was painful to confess. I've been existing on Kashi cereal and bread with the occasional salad thrown in when guilt strikes for not having eaten a sufficient number of leafy greens. Instead of cleaning up after myself, I've allowed the dishes to pile up for the said TWO WEEKS. The aroma wafting from the general kitchen area was finally enough to pull me back in. However, I would be lying if I said it was merely the aroma. It was the one-two punch that truly forced me to confront the kitchen head on: I had no clean dishes. What kind of housekeeper have I become?? Oh the shame!

Step #2 to come: the purging of the refrigerator. I have been inspired by Kristen of "The Frugal Girl" blog to weekly take inventory of the food that's gone to waste. Every Friday she takes a picture of the food that's gone bad and is subsequently wasted by the end of each week. She posts the picture on her blog to keep herself accountable. I think I will start doing the same thing every week in order to keep track of what we actually eat in a seven day span along with aiding me in becoming a more efficient grocery shopper. I'm actually excited to see how much money I can save.

I will close for now with the hope of becoming a better housekeeper. I bid you all a lovely evening and hope that your kitchens are just as lovely as mine.

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